DIGS edition#4

Things I dig for holiday.

1 via Free People Vintage | 2 via Revvie 1 | 3 via Rocky Mountain Retro |4 via Madewell | 5 via Anthropologie | 6 via Anthropologie | 7 via Revvie 1 | 8 via Twin Hearts VintageĀ  | 9 via Free People | 10 via Urban Outfitters | 11 via Simple Thrift | 12 via Rocky Mountain Retro |

[...Santa please get me #1-12... ] ;)

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4 Responses to DIGS edition#4

  1. And by “Santa” you mean Andy. I’m trying to drop little hints to my boo too. <3

  2. Ashley says:

    These are all great finds! Hope you get everything you want this year. :)

  3. WhiteRice says:

    Santa better be a pretty fashionable guy!

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